Guardian Capital Advisors principals have extensive experience as real estate advisors, analyzing complex real estate problems and managing the purchase, financing, restructuring, and sale of a wide variety of real estate and real estate secured debt across the Western United States. Much of the experience of Guardian’s team is in dealing with distress situations requiring senior-level skills and expertise in the areas of bankruptcy, foreclosure, litigation, and liquidation. To learn more or discuss a specific opportunity with a Guardian Capital Advisors team member, please call 415-371-0700 or email info@guardiancapitaladvisors



Sample Advisory Engagement

Guardian Capital Advisors advised a top-20 hedge fund on the acquisition within bankruptcy of an $800mm portfolio of real estate development loans and servicing rights. Challenging issues included:

Complex real property collateral in various stages of development; Complex servicing rights; Default rate near 100%; Obligations to beneficiaries not uniform and often at odds with interests of servicer; Complex bankruptcy placing many cumbersome constraints on the potential acquirer’s bid.